Leo Hao’s gallery

Welcome everyone to my website. I am Leo Hao.

I have been taking a great interest in drawing and painting from childhood.
After I had finished art school painting became my proffesion and my favourite affair.

I collaborated with such bands and artists as Blind Guardian, Saxon, Iced Earth, Primal Fear, Rage, Nocturnal Rites, Nazareth, Europe, Invictus, Iron Mask, Magic Kingdom, Manticora, Demons & Wizards, Revoltons, Guardians Of Time, Aria, Alisa (Alice), Sergey Mavrin, Ivan Tsarevich, Kalevala, Aleksey Strike, The Arrow, KRÜGER, Dom Vetrov (The house of winds), Chimera, ANJ, Pilgrim, Oleg Mishin, Reanimatsiya (The resuscitation), Materia Prima, Victor Smolski, Oleg Gazmanov, Zapashny brothers.

I have been making stage pictures for concerts of such bands as Kipelov, Aria, Picnic, Alisa (Alice), Khor Turetskogo (The choir of Turetsky).

I work with the leading game companies: BUKA, NIVAL, IT Territory.

P.S. Only a small part of the works has been uploaded to the galleries. They are mainly last ones, which are fit for viewing. Don’t forget! The majority of the works were MADE TO ORDER! It means that in 50% of the cases the idea belongs to the client. Only the implementation is mine. Do you think I have nothing to do but draw spacemen with guns? : )))))